Why do relationships fail? (9 top reasons)

Why do relationships fail? (9 top reasons)

Why do relationships fail? (9 top reasons)
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Have you been asking yourself why most of your relationships fail? If you have no idea, I'm willing to help you out. I'll outline 9 top reasons. 

Most of the relationships that people start up never reach their destination. There are so many reasons why these relationships fail to thrive. Some of these reasons are; lack of communication, lack of trust, distance is one of the factors too, lack of time for each other, different expectations in a relationship, lack of financial support, lack of mutually support, lack of respect for each other and when one partner fails to fulfill most of his or her duties in the relationship.

The factors that I have outlined above are not all but the most top reasons why relationships fall apart. Many of us expect our relationship to prosper so that we can find happiness in it. Joy is a precious thing that everyone is seeking for. A lot of people find this joy from the people they love. 

I will elaborate to you the factors that I have mentioned in the first paragraph. This will be able to let you know why most of the relationships fall apart without having reached their endpoint.

In this way, you will be able to find a solution for your relationship for it to last as long as you desire. Relationships take so much of our lifestyle. Almost everything we do in our lives is for the aim to please the people we love. You can see how relationships are so important to keep. 

I have come across cases where people commit suicide due to their relationship failures. 

I sometimes ask myself whether is it really worth it to commit suicide just because your relationship fell apart. I know that when you lose someone you really care about it can result in stress and depression. There are so many ways of handling these problems, don’t think of suicide. As I have outlined for you these reasons that cause relationships to break up, you will now know how to avoid them at all costs.

These are the top reasons why relationships fail;

1. Lack of communication.

Communication is a very crucial part of a relationship. When this part is taken for granted it causes a relationship to fall apart. Communication plays a big role in making the bond in your relationship. The moment communication fails so will the relationship.

Your relationship with the person you have right now started as a result of communication. The day you decided to seduce him or her you made communication your first step, saying ‘hi’ to him or her every day. You made communication the key for you guys to get connected.

The more you keep communicating with the person you love the more you get to understand him or her. That is why I said that communication is a vital part of a relationship that keeps it going. The way you used to keep your conversation with her, do the same if you don’t want your relationship to fall apart.

Go to her or his place even if you have nothing important to say. Ask silly questions and make jokes with her/him. In this way, your connection is never going to end. Get to know how she or he is feeling, ask deep questions. Get into nasty conversations when he or she likes it. The senseless things that you keep on sharing are what make your relationship going.

The instant your communication is cut off, you will also realize your bond is weakening. Everyone wants those beautiful texts and writings that make him or her keep on smiling. People want the folks they trust to be around them so that they can share what they feel by using their words. 

When communication is cut off it’s obvious that this aspect of sharing will not be there. 

If you won’t be talking to your partner frequently, he or she will get someone else who keeps the conversation on, and gradually your worth to him or her will start to diminish. When this goes on for so long you will find up your relationship is broken. When it has fallen apart due to communication failure it will be so hard to fix it.

2. Lack of trust.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. This is why before you admit anyone in your heart you have to trust him or her. Trust is the quality that determines the extent of love in your relationship. It makes people more open to each other without any benefit of the doubt. 

In my opinion, trust controls every aspect of a relationship. The more trust is cemented in the relationship the stronger it will be. 

Trust takes a long time to be gained but it just takes a second to be broken. Keeping things from each other is the first step of trust being broken. When the trust is broken so will be the relationship on the verge of collapsing.

This is the factor that makes most relationships fail. Trust is so crucial in a relationship. If you want your relationship to last you have to be open to your partner in every aspect. Don’t hide anything from him or her. Don’t go behind his or her back doing things in which you know he or she will disapprove. 

Learn to share anything with your partner. Trust keeps partners so close to each other. A person will be able to realize when the trust is broken. The first thing that will make someone realize that it’s broken is the sudden distance that will be created. 

The relationship will fail if your partner finds out that you have been cheating, lying to him or her, doing things behind his or her back, fail to share anything crucial that affects you with her or him, and any other thing that you know it can betray someone’s trust.

 All the examples that I have given to you—know that those are some of the things that break the trust between couples.

As I said earlier that trust is the foundation of a relationship—when it is broken, where will the relationship stand on?

3. Long distance can cause a relationship to fall apart.

Long-distance can make people love each other harder. It can also make relationships fail so easily. Let me start with the point,

“Long-distance can make a people love each other harder”

Long-distance relationships can make people love each other harder when trust and communication are kept in position. 

When you trust your partner it will make you comfortable. You will not be overcome with negative thoughts. Examples of these thoughts are; 

“My partner is far away from me right now, how do I know if she/he is with someone else? What if she/he is banging with someone else? Nowadays she delays answering my texts, is he/she into someone else?”

These kinds of negative questions that will be brought up in your mind will be as a result of you not trusting your partner. If this goes on like this for a while then you will end up losing your partner. 

Instead of the long distance to help you to build your relationship, it would have made it fail.

If you are in a long-distance relationship and you want it to work out then you have to have trust and keep communication online. If these two things fail to be in place then it is definitely that your relationship will break up.

4. Lack of time for each other.

Time is the other factor that shows you if your partner is serious about the relationship or not. When someone is willing to sacrifice his or her time with his or her boo it portrays the strength of their relationship. 

Spending time together is so important. If one fails to make time for each other it only brings loneliness. Our main aim to get into a relationship was to drive away loneliness. If the relationships we are into can’t drive away from the loneliness we feel, what’s the need for them then?

When you don’t get the time you deserve from your partner it will only make you feel secluded. We all need to spend time with the people we love to feel the joy of us being in a relationship. 

We need them to be around us to keep us smiling. The warm hugs, cuddles, kisses, movie time together, the strolls in the streets, the fun we throw in our place dancing while fighting with pillows, the dinner candles we desire to have, and all the relationship goals we wish to have, are all achieved with time.

When time is lacking then it is definitely the relationship that will never go far. It will break up with no time. The less time you spend with your partner the more the bond between you is weakening. 

No matter how busy you are, if you really care about your relationship you will always make time for the folks you love. I heard people saying that no one is ever busy to hang out with someone; it’s only a matter of priority.

Make him/her your priority; doing this will make you have time for him or her. Remember, when you have no time for him or her, someone else will give him/her and you will eventually lose him or her thus the break-up.

5. Different expectations in a relationship.

There is no great disappointment in a relationship other than failing to get what you expected in it. We all have different expectations when we get into relationships. Our motives will never be the same. Let me tell you what I expect when I get into a relationship. In this way maybe I can get to explain to you more on what I mean.

When I get into a relationship I expect to be loved, cared for, and handled with respect and dignity. I also expect the person I’m into a relationship with to be decent, respectful, kind, honest, naughty in my own way, smart and responsible. So, these are the qualities that I want to get from the girl I intend to get into a relationship with.

The moment I realize that what I expected from her is very opposite to what I wanted, it’s obvious that the taste of the relationship will change to be bitter. I expected to get a sweet taste and instead I got a bitter one. This will make me end up the relationship without even thinking. This is because I didn’t find what I expected to.

For instance, you seduced a girl and expect her to be decent and loyal and later you find out it’s exactly the opposite of what you wanted, will you stick with her?

So, the different expectations we have on the people we get into a relationship with can be a great factor that might cause the relationship to fail. This is the worst factor, because once you find it in a relationship; you won’t be able to withstand it. This is because what you expected to make you happy in that relationship is missing hence there will be no point in holding onto it.

6. Lack of financial support.

This is a sensitive part that causes relationships to end up. Financial support is significant in a relationship. Some people will tell you that no money, no love. In my perspective, this can be true or false.

When someone is in love nothing really matters at that moment, what matters is how the love is perceived. This kind of relationship will thrive if one of you is in a good financial state. Even if he/she is not that stable enough but at least he/she should be able to pay bills.

We need money to accomplish most of the things in our relationship. In case, you are completely broke. You can’t even afford to buy anytime to communicate with your partner; the first thing here that will start breaking a bit by a bit is communication. As I said earlier that if communication is lacking then nothing will prevent the relationship from breaking.

A man is supposed to be responsible to plan for the dates and ways in which he can treat her partner. Even if your partner has the ability to do so, she won’t be able to do it every time you go out together. 

The dates, the candle dinners, the space you need to spend time together with your partner, and the picnics you may take her all this cannot be achieved without cash. We also know these are the things that bring happiness to the relationship. If these things fail to happen and this is what your partner expected in the relationship, do you think the relationship will work out?

In some cases, your partner might need your help to pay some of her bills if she is stranded. She expects you to be able to aid her in any way. If you keep on turning her down every single day she keeps on asking for your help and for instance, she comes across someone else who helps her whenever she asks for his or her help, do you think she will turn back to you?

Financial support is one another factor that causes relationship to fail. If both of you are completely broke, and one of you expected differently then that relationship will fall apart.

 Though sometimes when both of you are broke the relationship can still thrive if you choose to support each other. Help each to make your financial status better. Start together from the bottom to the top. 

This happens because I have seen such kind of relationships. If you love each nothing can stop you from making your goals together no matter the circumstances.

7. Lack of mutually support.

One of the reasons that people get into a relationship is to get support. Mutually support is a way in which both of you benefit from one another on the things that you do. It may be your careers or your jobs or anything else that concerns the two of you.

It is very important when you get in a relationship to know that someone you have has got your back on everything important that you will decide to do. This is also one thing that strengthens the bond of your relationship. What’s the point of getting into a relationship with a person who doesn’t support you in any way?

When you don’t support each other in any way in the matters you do, then there will be no common thing that will attach you to each other. You have to know that people date for a reason to build each other too. The relationship is not all about romance and sex. Remember that each and every one of you has goals to achieve. 

You need support from each other to achieve them. That is why the moment you choose a partner you have to identify whether she/he is responsible. When someone expected to get support from you and it turns out you are of no help in any way. Obviously, this relationship will fall apart.

8. Lack of respect to each other.

Respect is needed for any relationship to prosper. Respect can be based on many things—feelings, affairs, words, privacy, and many other things that concern both of you. Respect is to be upheld—no matter how much you love each other. 

It shows the public figure you are for each other. First of all, if you love someone you will always respect him or her. You will always make sure that your love doesn’t break the respect you have for him or her. 

It doesn’t mean that when you love someone you have the right to ruin their reputation. Let the revere remain the same as it was even before she or he accepted to be your partner.

The relationship will fail if she or he finds out your manners aren’t up to the standards. No one will want to be associated with someone who lacks a sense of wisdom in his or her mind. 

One day, you will be parents, and the kids you will wish to have, you will expect them to be children of a high standard of manners. Who will teach those children such kind of manners if both of you can’t maintain respect for each other?

Respect and dignity are one of the things that if misses in a relationship, it will eventually fail. So, let not the love you have for each other break the respect you have for each other.

9. When one of the partners fails to fulfill most of his/her duties in the relationship.

The relationship also has its duties and responsibility. For the relationship to thrive each and every person in it have to make sure he/she sustain her duties. 

There are things in the relationship that it’s obvious everyone should try to do. You guys know that you love each other; the only remaining part for both of you is to play your role. Do what is necessary and avoid anything that will bring conflicts in your relationship. You know each other’s weaknesses. Stop exploiting them.

Learn to make each other stronger, be reliable to each other. In this way, your relationship will work out. 

If one of you fails to fulfill some of the things that are required for the survival of the relationship, it’s obvious that it will fail. No one will want to get stuck in an irresponsible relationship. It will have no control.

Learn to play your part in a relationship, be responsible—do the things you are supposed to be done correctly and let fate take its way.

To conclude, there are so many things that make relationships to fall apart. These are only but a few of the things that make these relationships end. Anyway, most of the things that I have explained we have seen that can be avoided. 

Take control of these factors so that you make your relationship succeed. Do you know any factors apart from these that cause relationships to break up?

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