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8 Reasons Why Some People Are Single (Prefer)

Why some people prefer to be single

8 Reasons Why Some People Are Single (Prefer)

As many people struggle to find true love from relationships, some people prefer to be single. These are the reasons why they remain single.

Many people think that it’s impossible to live without dating. This is due to the fact that they are used to be locked in someone’s heart. Once a person put his mind that it’s impossible for him to stay without dating then it will be truly hard for him or her. 

To be honest there are some people out there who have been single for almost 6 years! I know you can’t believe me.

It’s not that they don’t have anyone to love them. In fact, such kind people are the best ever at handling relationships. 

The most romantic boys and girls prefer to be single. 

These are the reasons why people stay single or prefer to be single;

1. They are afraid of heartbreaks.

Most of the people who decided to stay single are usually afraid of heart breaks. If you investigate them closely you will find that they were once in a very serious relationship that they dedicated fully themselves to it. The end results were heart breaks. 

This might have made them hate relationships. It can also be that he or she is not the one who experienced that heart break; it was his or her friend. The pain that he or she saw his or her friend going through made him or her to completely lack interest in relationships.

This is one of the reasons why some people prefer to be single. Heart breaks are the things that make many people turn relationships down. Everyone is afraid of being broken with someone they really trust. 

The feeling of people sacrificing everything for someone he/she loves and then at last he/she comes to hurt him/her make them be very far from relationships. 

Don’t stigmatize people who are not willing to be in relationships because they are afraid of being heart broken. Not all people are the same. 

If you had the ability to move on after your break and got someone else within a month don’t think all people have the same capability. Some have delicate hearts. 

Once they are broken it might take years to be fixed. They have the right to be afraid of heart breaks because love really hurts.

2. They are focused on their careers.

We have people who don’t want to make things complicated by mixing relationship issues with their careers. These kinds of people tend to be more focused on their careers. 

This may be that the careers that they are pursuing usually need high commitment. With this absence, they could actually lose everything. That is why some people prefer to keep relationships aside so that they can focus on their careers. 

This is not that hard for anyone. It just needs sacrifice. You can also decide to keep relationships off for two years and deal with your important issues then after that embrace yourself fully in relationships.

Everyone knows that relationships will never miss dramas. These dramas can make people lose focus on everything that matters to them. 

While they lose focus on everything important to them they end up forgetting the important part of their lives thus losing focus on their careers; they don’t want to reach such a stage that is why these people prefer to be single.

Love is a powerful feeling that once it is focused on something it can make the other all-inclusive things look less important. 

I hope you have heard some of the people who were married and yet they forgot their responsibilities over their own kids due to a side chick. 

If something like this can happen to a man who is fully matured who do you think you are? Love can make you lose focus completely if you have no idea how to perceive it. We have people who have the ability to multi-task. If you are one of them…kudos.

So, these people who feel they are pursuing careers that need much commitment will always prefer to focus on them than relationships, that is why you will find them busy with their lives matter and relationships are kept in the dustbin for a while.

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3. Some people don’t want commitment.

This is another reason why some people will remain to be single. Relationships need commitment without it there is no way that relationship will survive. 

To be dedicated in a relationship is to make sure that you follow every progress of your partner. For every aspect that concerns him or her, you should make sure it’s on the safe side. 

Some people feel that they are too young for commitments. This makes them put relationships aside and put the focus on themselves.

Anyway, it’s very good to stay away from relationships if you feel you aren’t ready to be committed to somebody else’s affairs. This will prevent you from hurting other people’s feelings. 

Whether you like it or not commitment will always be there in any serious relationship. I really like these people who are staying away from relationships because of this are making a good call. 

You always have to be available for the person you love. Make him or her comfortable. If you are far away from him you have to call him or her to know how she or he is doing. 

Always be there whenever that person needs you. All these have to be done in relationships to prove that you love and care about the person you call your lover. 

These might be so much for some people. That is why they prefer to isolate themselves and love themselves instead of focusing on comforting someone else.

4. Some people were sexually abused in the past.

This is definitely true. The people who were sexually abused in the past tend to avoid relationships. This is another reason why these people stay away from relationships. 

These people who were sexually abused in the past usually develop hatred for the opposite sex within them. If it’s a woman she will hate men with all her heart and vice versa. 

This is because the inhumane act that was done unto them was so cruel. When these kinds of people develop this hatred within them it will be even hard for them to make friends with people of the opposite sex.

They will always be frightened by somebody’s touch even if it’s not sexual. They develop protective mechanisms within them. This is to protect themselves from the people who did that to them. 

So, these kinds of people will always keep relationships aside in their lives. It will be so hard to convince them to fall in love with anyone. The feeling of insecure will be all over them. 

For instance, if you were the one who was sexually abused; would you have involved yourself in relationships?

Anyone with this situation deserves to go for counselling and find a therapist to help him or her walk through this problem. This is because in the end he or she will have to live a life like the other people. Everyone wants a normal life. 

The normal life is for someone to marry or get married and raise kids, live a happy life, and age gracefully. This won’t be able to happen if these people will stay single for the rest of their lives.

5. People with low self-esteem.

This is another reason that makes some people be single. How can low self-esteem make some stay single? Low self-esteem is the negative view of one’s self. 

The feeling of being unworthy before anyone is all about low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem will never find themselves better at anyone’s hands. That is why they will remain to stay single.

If you have a negative view of yourself, then know that no one will have a positive view of you. For you to be successful in everything the first thing you have to have is courage which is only brought if you have high self-esteem. Without it, you will never achieve anything in your life.

These people with low self-esteem will never even try to approach anyone they like. They will always keep themselves hidden from the world. 

This is because they feel embarrassed and sorry about themselves. They do think that no one will welcome them in their lives. This is usually due to some of the things that happened to them in the past. 

This is because low self-esteem doesn’t come on its own. It is usually triggered by some of the past experiences that seemed to have distorted the future of that person.

Low self-esteem is mostly associated with the outer appearance of someone. He/she might think that he/she is not good enough to be someone’s lover. 

These kinds of people even tend to push away the people who are there for them. That is why they always stay single.

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6. Some people stay single because they are shy to approach anyone.

If you have no ability to express yourself on what you feel for someone, how will he or she understand that you are in love with him or her? This is mostly on boys. 

They lack the courage to face the people they love. They hang on the line of friendship and at last, they lose the people they love to other people. 

This is one of the painful things that a man can experience. Seeing the girl you love with someone else yet you had feelings for her and you never opened up to her.

In such a situation the boy will not blame anyone for that. It’s always better for a man to express his feelings to a girl, and be ready for any answer than keeping the feelings to himself and fail to express them. 

This usually hurts like hell. Boys can relate to that. We have men who lack the confidence to approach women. This makes it hard for them to find anyone ready to stick in their lives. 

No girl will just walk directly to a boy and tell him that she wants him to be her boyfriend. It’s very rare. 

This reason also makes some of the girls stay single. Girls too have feelings. They usually keep them so deep within themselves. It’s very hard for a man to identify them until he observers her very carefully. 

When the man is too busy with his issues it will be very for him hard to notice these feelings. A man will take that lady to be nothing to him but just a friend. This will also render the lady to be single until she finds the courage to open up to him. 

A bonus point of advice; you don’t have to be shy and hide your feelings from the person you love. You never know where she or he might go tomorrow. 

When you get a chance or you come across a person that you like don’t hesitate to make a move. There will always be situations that you might get when you approach someone. The first situation is a positive reply and the other one is a negative reply. 

When you get a positive reply keep on the conversation and explore more about that person and eventually open up to him or her on how you feel about him or her. 

On the other side if it’s a negative reply back off and let him or her go and try your shot next time because she or he already knows that you have an interest in him or her. 

Get the attention first and drag everything slowly. Eventually, you will win him or her. If it doesn’t go with your expectations just walk away, you will find someone else better than him or her.

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7. The people who are afraid to lose their virginity until marriage.

This is another reason why some people prefer to be single. The people who are scared to lose their virginity until marriage will always stay away from relationships. 

These are the people who have a belief that virginity is their purity. They will protect it with all they have and one of them will include them to stay away from relationships. 

In most cases, these people are religious. Good examples are the Muslim ladies. The Sheria (law) in Islam does not allow anyone to engage in any sexual activities until marriage.

Those who strictly adhere to the laws of the Islamic religion will never dare to engage themselves in relationships. This will help them to protect their purity. 

The other law that is implemented in the Islamic nations is this; fornicators are whipped 100 strokes whenever they have been found engaging in sexual activities. 

This will make it completely hard for them to stay in any relationship. That is why they remain to be single.

Anyway, if you feel that you really want to keep yourself chaste and you believe that is what makes you feel valuable before anyone just hold on to it. 

Don’t let anyone convince you that that isn’t the right way. Do what you have to do to keep yourself pure. Allah (God) will reward you for that. You don’t have to do everything you see people doing, be your own copy don’t be someone else’s identity.

8. Those people who have health problems.

These health problems may be erectile dysfunction, HIV/AIDs, and any other disease that is associated with male or female sexual functions. Let say if someone is infected with HIV/AIDs he will prefer to be is single in order to avoid spreading this disease to anyone else. 

These are the people who really care about the well-being of others.

If a man has erectile dysfunction he will prefer to be single. Since his genital organ isn’t working he will avoid giving any girl a hard time. We all know it’s almost impossible to date without being intimate with the person you love. 

Even if it will be possible it won’t last that long. So, with this circumstance, this person with such an issue will remain to be single.

There are so many issues that involve sexual health that will make some people prefer to be single that I cannot discuss with you here. I’m pretty sure if you Google them you find them. 

To conclude, these are not all reasons that make people stay single, there are so many that If is start talking about them I’ll fill this blog with one article…

You have to respect someone’s decision if he or she chooses to be single. Don’t go deep in investigating why she or he isn’t interested in being in a relationship. 

Everyone has a right to privacy; he/she might prosecute you when she or he finds out that you are invading his or her privacy. Let everyone choose where he or she wants to be.

 If you are into relationships then go deep in them and let those who want to stay single be. Kindly, subscribe and share this article with everyone you know. It might help anyone to understand himself/herself. Sharing is caring.

Building a great relationship takes time, commitment and knowledge. But that can be made easier by reading books that you will find at an affordable price in ShareAsale.

Do you know any other reason why some people prefer to be single? Leave your comment below, I’ll reply to it.


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