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8 Ways To Get Excitement Back In A Relationship

get excitement back in your relationship

8 Ways To Get Excitement Back In A Relationship

If you have been looking for ways on how you can get the excitement back in your relationship, this is definitely the right spot for you. 

We all want excitement in our relationship and that is what everyone is seeking in a relationship.


All relationships must go through several stages. In the beginning, every relationship is usually at its peak. Everything in the relationship usually looks so perfect in the beginning. 

At this stage, everything is intensified since people have started to get to know each other. When the relationship is new everyone is excited to know much more about his or her partner. 

This makes the attention of everyone in that relationship to be entangled.


Something obvious is that this kind of happiness and activeness that is usually in the relationship will never last forever. The excitement will fade away with time if there is nothing to rekindle it up. 

This is at the point where the relationship becomes so boring. We all know what happens when we get used to someone so much. Everything about that person changes from exciting to obvious.


When things change to be obvious here is when everything else in the relationship becomes so dull. The activeness of your partner that you used to see, it will start to diminish gradually. 

The time she/he used to spend so much together with you will also commence decreasing. Many things will start to pop up before your relationship and you will find that you both no longer have time for one another. 

When this happens the happiness that you used to experience because of the relationship you had involved yourself in will start to disappear.


How long does it take for a relationship to become boring? To my knowledge relationship can become boring even in a time of two months from where it started if the partners have no effort in it. 

The maximum time that you may expect your relationship to become boring is at a period of one year if you both (lovers) keep the love life on your scale.


Anyway, don’t worry about that. In this article, I’m going to share with you amazing ways how you can add excitement to your relationship and kick away boredom. 

Did you know that one of the reasons people do cheat in a relationship is because of missing excitement from their relationships?


No one will agree to get stuck in a boring relationship. If there is no excitement in it he or she will walk away to find it in someone else. Keep that in mind. 

So, grab everything I’m going to share with you and make your relationship a better place. By following the ways I’m going to share with you, you will eventually fix your relationship if you find it boring.


This is how to add excitement to your relationship;

 1. Talk to your partner.

This is the first step one should take if he or she wants to add excitement to his or her relationship. Communications will always be the first step to be taken whenever anything arises in a relationship. 

So, take your time and talk to your partner and find the gaps in your relationship so that you can eliminate the dull parts in your relationship. There are some things in relationships that will never solve themselves without one of the partners making a move on fixing them.


If you are both the type of people who keep telling each other everything is cool yet you both have a wall between you, nothing will ever be solved. 

For couples to add the excitement or to bring it back they have to first talk to each other. Ask each other what is so different from the start so that they can make it right. 

A deep conversation about what’s missing in their relationship will be the first point for them to start kicking the boredom away.


You will never know if something is wrong with your partner until you talk to him or her. Be open to each other and help one another identifying the gaps that make your relationship less of what it used to be. 

Once you have all identified what’s wrong in your relationship or something that you haven’t been doing and it used to be a part of your excitement, then you will have the ability to act upon it. 

So, make your communication with him or her open and frequent. The more you talk to him or her the more you will get a rough idea of where to start.

2Do things that they make both of you happy.

This is something that will definitely bring your excitement back or add it even more. Lovers should spend time together doing things that they both like. 

If your relationship is boring, ask yourself when did you last do an activity together that you used to enjoy? If you have answered those questions you will absolutely understand why your relationship lacks excitement.


This is very important because it increases the bond of relationship between couples. We all know that if the bond is increased happiness and the feeling of wanting to be close to each other will be more visible.

You don’t have to be serious always. Get out with your partner and do some exciting things together. If you used to go swimming together every weekend revive that.


Another way you can use is to ask her or him which activities he or she would like to do. Pick all the activities that she or he has mentioned to you. Plan on how you are going to be doing them. 

Make sure you plan the activities on a day and time that you can meet. I’m sure if you all decide to do those activities together every time you meet then your excitement in that relationship will be revitalized again.


I remember when I used to spend time with #Her it was so amazing. The activities that we did together are the ones that created these perfect memories of her in my mind. 

We used to cook together because it’s something that she enjoyed. She taught me how to cook different meals. I never knew how to cook Pilau. It’s through her that I knew how to cook it. 

If I would mess up on the kitchen she would make it a story. That would keep me online until midnight just talking to her. This made us so happy.


All this was possible because of the things we did together. If it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t have been communicating until midnight while making fun of each other. 

This is another way that you can add excitement to your relationship or bringing it back and kick boredom completely.


3. Learn new things together.

If you have never tried this then I advise you to give it a shot. This is another way that adds excitement to your relationship. Figure out which things your partner has no idea of. 

It doesn’t have to be an academic thing. You can pick anything but make sure that what you pick has so much fun it. Pick something that will make your boo happy to learn. 

The process of you learning something together is cool. I’m sure one will have more IQ than the other. You might end up learning from your partner how to do that thing. All this brings excitement and the feeling of closeness elevated.


Let me say if you both want to learn how to use a skateboard. One of you will be quick on learning how to skate. Imagine holding each other while trying to learn how to skate. 

One falls down and it turns to be a field of comedy. Laughing at each other and making fun of how it happened. I’m sure if you all had issues in the past that drove away from your excitement in past, you will all forget the issues.

Let me suggest to you some of the things you might want to learn with your partner. You can try skating, swimming, dancing, horse riding, and how to draw. 

There are so many things you can do together that will bring back your excitement in the relationship. You don’t have to pick something complex to learn. Choose something that is simple and cool.

4. Make a change if it’s possible.

We all that sometimes the usual things that we involve ourselves in may drive away from the excitement in our relationships. So, if you want to add the excitement or bring it back fully you have to try several ways and see which will work for you. 

In some cases, it may not be the activities that you have been doing together that keeps your relationship dull but the scenes. It would be a cool thing if it’s possible to make a change.


A change can be on so many things. It will be up to you to choose the appropriate change for your relationship. 

You can choose to change the place you stay, change the type of activities you do with her, the city, the country, or anything that concerns you. All this is to get a new stylish. 

What is need of you is to make a change that will positively influence the happiness of your relationship.


If you have been staying in town for a while with your partner try and move to a rural area that is cool and free from all the vehicles’ noises. If you have a house by a lake or sea, go and camp there with her for some days. 

Try to make things different from where you used to stay. We all love new things and positive changes. This might add excitement to your relationship.


The main reason I have said you make a change if it’s possible—change makes things stop looking too obvious which makes relationships lack excitement for a while. 

If your mom cooks for you pancakes at the weekend for the first time. You will be so excited but if it becomes a tradition that every weekend you find pancakes on your dining table, you will no longer get excited no more. 

It will be something that is normal for you every weekend. That is what I meant by saying you imply a change where it’s possible.

5. Touch more frequent whenever you have the chance to.

I’m telling you that romance will never go out of fashion for any couple. Touch each other romantically whenever you have the chance to. This will add excitement to your relationship. 

It will also make you guys so close to each other. There are so many romantic things that you can do together to clear the air. Romancing is something that couples should never kick away in their relationship. It adds pleasure to the relationship and excitement.


You can learn different kinds of kisses and act on them. This will at least make you all have the urge to meet each other frequently. Change the ways in which you handle her or him. 

Try all you can to make her feel like she/he is meeting you for the first. This will add excitement to your relationship in a way that you have never expected. 

If you keep your romance cycles the same and obvious you will not help him or her to add joy for the love he/she has for you.


Approach him or her with a new style on every occasion. I assure you that you will always see her/him on your doorstep. 

You have to know apart from the company, support, love, and care that you have to offer to your partner intimate connection is something very crucial that every one of you should focus on keeping on track. 

I can say this is the main theme of a relationship and the rest follows.


You fall in love with a person because of how you feel about him or her. The feelings that drove you to him or her that means the intimate connection is the first priority over the others. 

You will realize that if this seizes it will be the first thing to make the relationship boring. 

If you will be able to achieve this in a required way there will be nothing standing in the way between your relationship and excitement.

6. Make an effort to add excitement.

I want to tell you that nothing will work without making an effort to change it. For the excitement to be added both of you have to hold hands together and work this out. 

Keep all your differences apart, the ones that you had for the past few weeks and months. If you really want to save your relationship, you will have to put your ego aside and work forward to making your relationship better. 

No one will be there for you to make things better in your relationship.


All these things I have talked about on how to add excitement to your relationship will never work out if you are not ready to make an effort on making them work. 

You have to sacrifice your time for the person you love. Be available for her/him. I know our schedules might be very tight. We all have things that we are fighting for in our lives. 

It may be that you are too committed to your studies, job, or any project that you may be handling. You will have to divide a part of your time for your partner too so that you can keep your relationship back on track.


Nothing will ever be achieved without determination and effort. Things will get more complicated if one of you will not be willing to make the change. Relationship happiness is determined by two people in it. It’s all about “Give me and I’ll give it to you back”


Everyone has a role to play for the excitement to be added to a relationship. Laziness should be kept aside and work on your relationship if you really want to keep it alive. 

Take your time and look at the couples whose lives seem so pretty cool. Everything about their relationship stands out. Ask them what they do. You will find that it’s all about effort and commitment to each other. 

If you are too busy for your partner then you will eventually drive the excitement away than bringing it back into your relationship.

7. Go out on double dates.

You have probably heard of this. A double date is all about going on a date with your friends who also have their partners with them. This is something that will also make you want to work out on your excitement.

We can power up our relationship happiness by looking at the other couples on how they are handling their relationships. 

If you see your friends handling their relationship in a way that makes you feel that there is something missing in your relationship, this will give you a reason to look back in your relationship and find the thing that is missing it.


Sometimes what we all need is motivation; your friends will provide you with that when you go on a double date. Have the normal fun that you keep on having with your partner. 

Observe how the other couples behave with each other. I’m sure you might find something new from them that will help you add to your relationship tip’s bucket. 

This is because I believe that not all people have the same way of handling each other. Everyone has his or her own style of handling his or her relationship. Don’t be too rigid, learn from your friends too.


You may not learn anything new in that double date in some cases. You might end up finding that you are far away better than them. This happens. 

With this knowledge that you are at a better place in your relationship than the other partners then this will motivate you more to add on spices in your relationship. 

Nothing is cooler than finding that you are even doing better in your relationship. In which you thought that your friends are better than you are. This will give you a reason to work even harder on your relationship.


When you get such motivation, you will obviously look forward to making everything better at your end. This will eventually add more excitement to your relationship.

8. Consider having a third party talk to you.

This is the last option that I recommend you to take. Let this come last when you have tried all the possible ways you could. I know there might be so much that happened in your relationship that I have no idea of. 

Deep down you know everything better in your relationship. All these ways of adding an excitement that I have outlined for you might not work for you. The only option you will have is for you to seek counseling.


Sometimes it helps so much to let someone be your arbitrator in your relationship. Open up to this person and let him or her help you out on solving your controversy. 

It may be that someone outside the relationship may have the ability to see the faults in your relationship. Sometimes we can’t see what’s on our backs until someone else does for us. 

This will help you to understand more about the state of your relationship and find an appropriate way of restarting your relationship so that you can add your excitement back to the relationship as it was when you first met each other.


For you to be helped on this, you will have to be completely honest with the person who is your mediator. This is the only way he or she can offer a suitable way to help you bring back your excitement in your relationship.


I want to conclude by saying that it’s possible to restart your relationship as it was when you first met. This will be possible if you will follow these simple ways I have outlined for you in this article. 

If you find your relationship boring and you would like to add excitement to it, just follow these simple tips I have offered to you. You also have to know that is actually up to you and your partner to decide whether your relationship will be boring or full of excitement.


A bonus point before I finish this article. Sometimes space also helps so much in bringing back the excitement in a relationship. 

The moment you are always so close to someone you love every day; he or she finds you so obvious and gets used to you in a way that the excitement will fade within a short time. 

Keep a distance from him or her sometimes, this will enable him or her to miss you even more. The next time when you get close to him or her, it will be like you have met again for the first time. 

This will surely add excitement to your relationship without you making an effort.




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